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  • Where will I find a list of the ingredients in a product?
    A full list of ingredients can be found on the back of our packaging, although we do not share the formula for reasons of confidentiality.• For skincare products and fragrances, you will find this list on the corresponding product page on our website.• For cand...
  • How can I recycle or reuse my Diptyque products and their packaging?
    Since its beginnings and for a long time, the Maison has been looking for improving the recyclability of its products in a sustainable momentum. To these days, some Diptyque objects and materials are not recyclable. The following is a summary of the recycling i...
  • Are refills available for Diptyque products?
    Some Diptyque products are refillable. Our Softening and Exfoliating Hand Wash products and Velvet Hand Lotion are available in refillable glass bottles.Similarly, our travel spray, which comes in a handbag-friendly travel-size bottle, can be refilled from the ...
  • Why are some products discontinued?
    Production of certain products can sometimes be suspended to make room for new creations. Diptyque does, however, offer a very wide range of products and our advisors are at your disposal to help you explore our collections and find the best alternative.

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