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How should you apply fragrance to yourself?
If you wish to enhance the diffusion of your fragrance, try applying it to what are referred to as your "pulse points" (i.e. behind the ears, on your wrists and on the insides of your elbows). Be aware that a well-moisturised skin will diffuse the fragrance bet...
When did you create your first fragrance?
In 1968, seven years after Diptyque was founded, Desmond Knox-Leet, one of the three founders, persuaded his two friends to create their own eau de toilette. Inspired by a potpourri recipe and based on notes of cinnamon, rose, clove, geranium and sandalwood, th...
How do I choose the right fragrance?
Choosing a fragrance is a personal matter that will call upon your emotions and memories, an imaginary journey that is unique to the individual.If you would like advice on choosing a fragrance, you can visit one of our points of sale, where a fragrance expert w...
Are your fragrances unisex?
Diptyque refuses to be bound by the conventions of gender or culture, which is why its fragrances are not specifically designed for men or for women. We focus more on the personal emotional response to the fragrance, and invite the individual to embark upon the...
What is the difference between an Eau de Parfum and an Eau de Toilette?
An eau de parfum is not simply a more concentrated version of an eau de toilette.  It is a more intense but also different take on the olfactory story. The perfumer (‘the nose’) highlights one of its character traits using new ingredients or a new accord while ...
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