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  • What are the conditions for using a gift card?
    If you are pressed for time or want a gift that is guaranteed to please, a gift card is a nice way to give the person of your choice the chance to feel, be inspired by and get their hands on the item of their dreams in store. At the moment our gift card is avai...
  • How do I find out the balance remaining on a gift card?
    In order to find out the balance remaining on a gift card you will need to visit us in-store, where an adviser will be able to tell you the amount remaining on your card. You will need to physically present the card and have the barcode scanned in order to esta...
  • Can I buy a gift card at
    It is not yet possible to buy a gift card on our website, can buy a gift card at one of our German, French and Italian stores. Gift cards are valid for three years (from the date of purchase) and can be used at all of our stores in Germany...
  • Can I use a gift card or a store credit note at
    Gift cards and store credit notes are not accepted as a means of payment on our website.Payment can be made using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, WeChat Pay or Apple Pay.

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